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Met a girl she was half out of her mind

My head hurts.


I skipped Spanish today to try and study for my Memory test but was distracted by my state of illness which has been coming on for the past few days. Anyway I took the test despite an aching head and I think I did well enough to pass but not to satisfy myself. I think if I had been healthy I could have gotten a 90+ but as is I probably only made an 80 or so. It was a short answer test and it was hard to concentrate on answering with a pounding headache and runny nose.

Anyway I took another class after that and did alright although the teacher might know that I haven't really done the reading so far. I don't care though, I'll make it up in tiem for the test.

After THAT ordeal I headed over to community impact. Some chick has been emailing me asking to switch teaching days with me this week and I said okay if she got confirmation, so I checked my email in Earl Hall and she said she had gotten confirmation. I went down to the office to make sure and the head of the program told me that it was covered and to go ahead and go home. So I did. And she called me and said it WASN'T covered and would I please come back and teach?

I got my ass up off the couch where I was starting to watch Sportscenter on ESPN (my head felt like mush) and headed over there to the office to get the folder. She said they already had it at the classroom and I trudged over there and up the stairs. Where I was intercepted by some woman who told me that they DID have a teacher and I wasn't needed. So I went home. I am pissed at the world and at the way a volunteer organization abused my time and willingness to be flexible. My commitment goes unrewarded and not even NOTICED by the students.

Whatever. Nice guys finish last. Documented FACT.
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