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MTV: You got onboard late in the development process. What input did you have into the script? Did you say, "I want more of this character," or, "I want a scene in this location"?

Ratner: I did not change the plot of the film. ... Two of my other movies, I came into the project [while it was already in development]. Directors are, in my opinion, the auteurs of the movie. Not that writers aren't important, but that's why it's a Brett Ratner film and not a Zak Penn or a Simon Kinberg film. That's why it's a Bryan Singer film. I'm the most collaborative person with the writers. I actually had Simon and Zak there the whole time I was making the movie. They're the biggest "X-Men" fans in the world, so, you know, I'm not taking anything away from them. But what I'm saying is the script is not the movie. The movie's the movie. Where I put the camera, how I block the scene, the tone of the scene — but I did stay very true not only to the first two movies but to the comic books.

How does someone who sucks THIS MUCH have this much arrogance? Jesus Christ. And the writing SUCKED.

It's a Brett Ratner film because that's how the studios like to sell films, and because you control what's put in the credits. You can't sell "A collaboration between a whole bunch of hacks and some very competent tradespeople."

Auteurism started as a way to talk about directors who were putting genuine vision into their projects and making them their own. Hitchcock, for example, helped write most of his movies and was involved in every step of the process. Then, like every label, Auteurism became commercialized and pretty much every film was sold as the work of one person, which is total bullshit because even Kubrick had to rely on set designers and costumers and a lot of other people who had an enormous creative input into his work.

Brett Ratner probably lets his ADs do most of the heavy lifting while he parties and does the 'hard work' of 'figuring out where to put the camera' (In front of the actors? Ratner probably gets tons of coverage and just hopes it'll sort itself out in editing.) He is about as much of an auteur as my right ass cheek, which has absolutely no concept of montage.

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