Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters


The reservations were made 6 weeks in advance. A number of emails were sent to the hotel confirming the room and asking specific questions about various policies. Everything was completely in order.

So of course when we arrived there was no room at the hotel. What the fungus?

What followed was a 1 hour wait as the reservations company found her a new room. Then 2 cab rides as the company gave us the COMPLETELY wrong address the first time and we had to call the hotel to get the right one. The "Right one" was not only more than 2 miles uptown from the one where the reservation was made, but the only thing saving it from being classified as a rat-trap was the fact that no self-respecting rat would be caught dead in it. A minuscule elevator, no room service or mini fridge or any other amenities, VERY basic cable, a light that flickers, broken drawers, etc... etc...

She says she's okay there, but I am very very unhappy. We are going to call tomorrow and there will be a refund in the works. Other than this everything has been really nice, but I hate being taken advantage of in this way.
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