Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Why northerners feel superior.

This kind of stuff makes us angry and sad, but it also gives us a feeling of smug superiority. When you look at the kind of backwards thinking retards the South regularly elects to be its leaders can you really blame us for thinking about most residents of the hot states as knuckle-dragging thick-browed hairless apes?

Ooo ooo! Gays is bad. Let's ban books! READIN' IS THE DEVIL'S PASTIME.

They wanted to ban SHAKESPEARE. They probably want to ban Aristotle too, even though he's a HUGE influence on the Christian doctrines they all claim to follow. It's like peering back into the benighted past and watching people tool around in the moral equivalent of horse-drawn buggies. Why should we bother to pretend to respect such ridiculous retarded ideas?

Brown University's recent study shows that the North has plenty of moral crimes of the past that it is responsible for. Our current economy, approaching Feudalism style wealth distribution, is certainly a moral outrage that future generations will either condemn or have to talk carefully about. But at least we don't have politicians with an IQ of 5 trying to ban books because their authors may have engaged in consensual relations with other adults. At least we're innocent of that.
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