Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

The battle has not been won

A lot of people are really excited about the Democrats winning the election. Some are even acting like things will turn around tomorrow even though the official control of congress won't switch hands for many weeks.

But more importantly there is no particular reason to believe that this group of Democrats have what it takes to fix things in a quick or efficient manner. How many of you were actually inspired by the Democratic leadership over the past 6 years? What's changed? The Nancy Pelosi who will be speaker of the house is the same Nancy Pelosi who has gone on Meet The Press to say things that sounded either spineless or completely off base. Robert Byrd will try and replace Ted Stevens as the king of pork. Hillary Clinton will continue to tack right as long and hard as she can without completely alienating the base, her eyes fixed on 2006.

We're not replacing King George with George Washington. We're replacing the most corrupt incompetent congress in our history with a bunch of mealy mouthed "We're not Republicans." I have not seen big ideas. I have not seen coherent policy. During the election the Democrats only won by standing back and letting the congealed sewage that was the Republican party melt under the hot sun of press scrutiny. The wafting smell of what the Republicans really stand for did the rest.

But what WILL the Dems do? Nobody really seems to know. And while it won't be as bad as the Republican congress (divided government alone will see to that) I am not sure it will be much to cheer about. Democratic corruption is just as bad as that of the Republican variety, and if the new Democratic congress starts porking it up and gerrymandering and the rest, well we've traded in one group of bums for another who happen to espouse a less insane ideology. Wahoo.

It's okay to be relieved that Bush won't be getting the worst of his traitorous agenda rubber stamped anymore, but there are no laurels for us to rest on. It will take decades to dig America out of the hole it's been put in by George Bush and the Crony Congress. The Democratic win gives us hope. Let's save the joy for when things are actually getting better.
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