Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

I hope that this is bullshit.

Not that there's going to be a Britney sex tape, who cares about that? No, what I hope is bullshit is that Britney actually believed that Kevin Federline would "never do this." NEVER DO THIS? He's Kevin Federline. He's the sleaziest bitch any of us have ever seen. He OOZES sleaze. You really think THAT guy wasn't going to sell you out at a drop of a hat?

Don't women have a "That guy is a piece of shit" detection faculty? I mean if Kevin Federline doesn't ring all the alarms...I'm scared for Britney. She could end up with Charles Manson or Osama Bin Laden. "I met this new guy, he's really tall and tan. I think I love him. Sometimes he talks about stuff I don't understand though. He wants me to buy him a dirty bomb. Is that like a fuzzy navel?"

Seriously. Kevin Federline was voted "most likely to videotape women having sex and sell it on the internet" when he graduated from high school. How could you NOT know he would do that?

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