Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Maybe his "Look it's a Shiite, fuck him he's a Shiite, 6 years ago you'd be in a rape room with Saddam's dick in your ass" routine didn't go so well.

At this point there is nobody in Iraq whose death would shock me. Part of this is the fault of the coalition for going in undermanned, but really we also have to point the finger at the barbarians who are actually committing these murders. They're stuck in a 7th century mentality of tribal warfare and a complete lack of respect for human life. Their murderous culture based on superstition and violence IS inferior to ours and deserves absolutely no respect (not Muslim culture in general, rather that of the 'militias') They are fanatics and gangsters and the world doesn't miss them when they die.

I don't believe that America could just hand "freedom" to Iraqis and expect a good result, but neither can we pretend that these gangs of thugs and killers are entirely our fault. We didn't kidnap researchers or gun down comedians. We aren't blowing up mosques and schools. We didn't create the horrible ties of blood vengeance that will lead to civil war.

The truth is that Iraq was and is a fucked up country. A lot of people properly criticize the Bush regime for the way it went in and what it did. I am one of them. But if you think about it carefully, what were the choices really? Leave Saddam in power? Go in with a huge multi-million man force and impose martial law? There were choices that would have led to less bloodshed and suffering, but can anyone think of one that would have lead to none? America had no right to attack Iraq, and no right to act so irresponsibly after we defeated Saddam, but we aren't responsible for all the bad things going on there either. Black and white do not exist. Only shades of gray.

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