Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Damn you Schumer!

Look at this list from a recent NYtimes article on Charles Schumer

Mr. Schumer says that his own priorities include reversing Medicare cuts to New York hospitals; increasing federal subsidies for Amtrak; putting additional police officers on the streets through federal grants to local governments; sending additional homeland security dollars to cities, including New York, that are known targets of terrorists; and making sure that Northeast cities with aging mass transit systems are eligible for additional federal aid.

As a New Yorker may I say sincerely, FUCK YOU CHUCK!

We won! We deserve AT LEAST a giant useless bridge. Alaska got one. We could put it directly OVER the Brooklyn bridge! That'd be sweet.

The fact of the matter is that Blue State politicians are woefully bad at federal graft. The majority of blue states pay MORE in federal taxes than we receive in federal spending. That sucks. I mean sure, West Virginia's got graft down to an art, but New York is being left out in the cold. Now we're back on top and damn it I want to see some ridiculous spending on things nobody needs. Iowa got an indoor rainforest. In IOWA. New York deserves at minimum a $100,000,000 grant for the world's largest roadside knish! It is our DUE!

Instead Chuck Schumer wants to waste his clout on healthcare, mass transit, and police officers.

The fact is that the Republicans at least know how to stick their filthy snouts into the federal trough and gobble down tax dollars for special interests and pork. No-bid contracts. Anti-terrorism money spent on Omaha. Ratchet up the farm subsidies. That's how you steal from the American people like a member of the G.O.P. Now these fucking Democrats are in power and where's OUR figgy pudding? Instead we're probably going to get Nancy Pelosi grumbling about balancing the budget and killing earmarks and spending money on the environment and energy independence and other CRAP that nobody really wants when instead we could have giant police SUVs for towns of 7000.

Goddamn Democrats. Even when they win they act like LOSERS.

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