Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Let's say you are moving into a new apartment with an old friend. Let's further say that you have a bunch of Foreign DVDs neither of you have seen and you've suggested to this friend that at some point you share a Marathon of Iranian buddy comedies and Norweigian surf flicks. Let's say your buddy has agreed that that would be cool.

How would you react if your roommate called you and asked if he could open and watch one of the films especially earmarked for the festival with a tart he'd flown in from England for the weekend?


I'd be happy he's getting some and give him my blessing to use the DVD in between bouts of sex
I wouldn't care
I'd be annoyed but let him do it
I'd be hurt or angry and tell him no
I'd kill him. Literally. I'm O.J. fucking Simpson and I'd kill him. Then 10 years later I'd write a book about killing him and give a TV interview where I admit to killing him, only they can't arrest me because I've already been found innocent.
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