Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

What a surprise

What a shock. Another military project with no oversight and contractors who fail to do their job in anything like the agreed upon way.

Tell me again why this should not be illegal? I know that legitimate mistakes do get made from time to time, but when you have this kind of consistent and DELIBERATE malicious behavior it should be criminal. We can start with fraud and move on from there. At the very least the two contractors involved should be banned from ever fulfilling another government contract. Yes they're huge companies, but someone has to make a statement that this is NOT okay. $7 billion in waste and overrun? If this happened in the civilian world there would be heads rolling all over the place, lawsuits, the whole nine yards. In government? Suck it up and promise to do better next time. Then don't do better next time.

Profiteering by military contractors accounts for tens of billions of dollars of wasted money each year, and it has to stop. It's larceny, plain and simple. And we let it go on because our congresspeople are corrupt, our president is treasonous, and we don't have the political will to fire the lot of them.
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