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Worst. Choice. Ever

In the world of truly great people S.R. Sidarth is a nobody. That's not necessarily a knock on him, he's still very young and has an opportunity for greatness. But what he did was pretty much the opposite of true greatness. He managed to be in the right place at the right time. That's nice and all, and he was performing a good act in taping Allen, but ultimately all he did was point a camcorder while being Indian. There were hundreds of other volunteers doing the same stuff all over the country at the time. It just so happened that Sidarth was lucky enough to be taping a senator who suffers from serious mental retardation. George Allen fucked himself up the ass and didn't even call himself in the morning. Sidarth recorded the event.

That's not great.

As for Sidarth's actions after the video hit, he did a decent job of not fucking things up by seeming overly angry or partisan, but that's not exactly a monumental task. It's something Katherine Harris can't do, but she can't pick out appropriate clothing for herself either, so maybe she isn't the gold standard.

Sidarth's using "I am Macaca" as a way to get into a class is just bullshit. He's cashing in on his celebrity. Good show chap. If he were a true celebrity and he tried that everyone would see him as incredibly arrogant and entitled. Because he's just a passing fad he gets a free pass. But he is a fad. A footnote in history. Famous for 15 minutes.

Who knows, maybe someday Sidarth will do something truly great and earn the public's attentions by his own act rather than by being lucky enough to record the acts of another. Until then, though, he should not be the person of the year. Personally I'd pick Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, and Howard Dean, since they orchestrated the first non-retarded Democratic campaign in a long time. Alternatively Ahmadinejad is a valid choice do to his dominating so many headlines, and I'd even consider Angelina Jolie for trying to make celebrity obsession a positive force in the world.

To be the person of the year you should have to do something spectacular. Being at the right place at the right time does not qualify.
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