Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters


Usually the questions I pose here are pretty open, but this is one that I'm fairly certain can be best answered by one man.

The bugfish


Back in the olden days (read early 1990's) when I was a kid I used to see a lot of stuff on TV and in books where guys would impress girls by assembling their stereos. I always imagined that putting together a really good stereo was something that took years to learn how to do, or at least a good amount of expertise. Being older now, I have assembled my fair share of stereos, including 5.1 surround sound models with honest to goodness stereo wires and everything.

What's the big deal?

Was technology different back then, requiring some sort of actual knowledge instead of "Insert wire A into slot A" stuff? Were girls just horribly incompetent when it came to electronics? Am I a savant when it comes to assembling?

Since I am 98% certain that bugfish got all his women by A) Being an awesomely talented musician and B) Being able to assemble stereos so well that he was run out of Seattle for being a witch, I'm pretty sure he has the answer to this mystery.

I suppose it could be something as simple as that these were higher quality stereos than I've seen and required some sort of voodoo, or that this was about speaker placement and component interface more than anything, but I don't believe that. My suspicion is that some time in the late '90s stereos were made much more user friendly, and an entire generation of men have grown up without the opportunity to prove ourselves to women by assembling their stereos and thus be granted access to their vaginae.
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