Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Dreams and farting

First I dreamed that marlowe1 left a comment stating that my story was too long, which resulted in almost no reaction from me. This was an odd dream only insofar as it was both totally believable and completely mundane. Some people make love to Heidi Klum in their dreams. I receive mild criticism over the internet.

Next I had a dream where I was being held captive in this really weird place with all kinds of weird stuff that I only vaguely remember going on. What I do remember is that I thought I was either in, or writing, a movie or TV show. For example when I escaped and got into the elevator I knew I wouldn't get away, and indeed I knew that when the elevator went up instead of down it would pick up my pursuer on the downswing.

Then things got really odd and it turned out that not only was everybody on the island watching me on TV in a sort of "The Running Man" scenario, but they were all secretly fish. There was a bunch of chasing, and one pursuer turned into scampi, and then Elisha Cuthbert appeared to shoot at me.

So yeah, two dreams on the opposite of the reality spectrum.

When I awoke the city was drenched in some sort of natural gas smell. They're saying it's nothing, but I don't think that nothing is a possibility. Either there's some sort of secretive government crap going on or this is some kind of terrorist thingamabob, or some other weirdness I haven't even thought of. I would say it was just a massive natural gas leak, except that the air quality sensors have determined that this is NOT natural gas.

A city doesn't just randomly start smelling like gas. Not when you're awake. Something's going on. I suppose it could be some sort of natural process brought on by the unusual heat or whatever, but it's something. And I want to know what.
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