Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Random thought of the day

I wonder how painting your face every day (as many women do) affects your view of the world and your view of how the world perceives you.

Of course we all have radically different perceptions of the world from one another. In addition to the way experiences influence us there's reason to believe that there are strong genetic influences. For example different people taste things differently. Some are supertasters, with incredibly sensitive tastebuds. Likewise, with pain, tolerance varies greatly. It's been shown that natural redheads react differently to certain painkillers than the rest of the population. A significant percentage of the population is colorblind.

These differences in perception help explain why artists can't please all of the people all of the time. Leaving aside the fact that much of our sense of aesthetic beauty is culturally determined (Zaftig used to be hot, now anorexia is) people just experience things differently.

Sometimes I like to spend a day imagining I can't see green, or that every flavor is amplified, or whatever. Obviously it isn't perfect, but it's interesting.

And whenever I see a woman put on makeup (which is relatively rare) I have the same sort of thoughts. What's it like to look at your face in the mirror and decide the lips aren't red enough, the skin tone is too uneven, the eyelids aren't...sufficiently green...etc? One of these days I'm going to ask a girl to put makeup on me and spend a day like that.
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