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$250 Million to play in front of like 4 people a night

I do not understand the economics of this deal one bit. I suppose it's possible that the Galaxy is hoping to build a global brand, but Beckham is the wrong guy for that. Soccer aficionados have turned on him, most of them thinking he never reached his potential and isn't fast enough. Bend It Like Beckham would not BE Bend It Like Beckham if it were made today. Hot sexy man aficionados still like him, but it's not like there aren't other hot sexy men in Los Angeles.

I guess this could be a loss leader by ML Soccer in an attempt to jumpstart the league, get a load of press and a better TV contract. It could do that (although not, I think, to the tune of $250 million) But MLS isn't paying for this. The Galaxy is. And I doubt they have revenue even close to $50 million a year. There are baseball teams that don't make that, and Americans LIKE baseball.

On the plus side British ex-pats like michaelkeane will be able to afford good seats when he's playing on the road. Seats from which they will be able to berate him about his world cup performance(s). So that'll be nice for them, won't it?
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