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Are you into writingraw?

What is writingraw?

I've been looking around on LJ for a decent community to work on my writing. That didn't go well. Most of the writing groups out there are either A) Vastly overpopulated B) Just terrible or C)Relentlessly positive (This irks me more than anything else. Criticism shouldn't be unnecessarily cruel, but it should include something deeper than "You're awesome, I love your awesomeness." That's not useful.

I also noticed that a lot of people on my friends list have, recently, been asking for criticism on their writing. It felt like kismet! Okay, coincidence.

writingraw is a community that I hope will function like a small, intimate, writing group. A place to post non-journal writing or discuss the writing process. It could serve as more than that if people are interested, but these things tend to work best when they evolve in response to people's needs.

I know there are various sites or services like this on the Internet, but I think that LJ is a better platform than most because it has an excellent message board system, a link to other users and other journals of theirs, and great control over what's public and/or private.

So I guess now I'm recruiting, or at least judging interest in, the community. If there's a small core of people interested I think it will be fun and useful. If it ends up being nobody but me, that's fine.

If you're interested you can comment here or email me or try to join or whatever. If not, well, you're probably a filthy communist. So go do whatever filthy communist activities you enjoy. Probably redistributing the wealth of people who WORKED for it, or something. That's what commies like, right?

Oh, and why the name? Well it probably could have been "Writing Honest" but I wanted to emphasize that it's a place for writing that's not ready for prime time, and unmoderated criticism. If you've got a better name feel free to suggest it.
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