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I'm pretty sure 1-800-Flowers doesn't make a boquet for this.

What makes a person think this constitutes a "good idea?" Seriously. If you're into kinky sex and your wife is not then divorce her and find someone who likes kinky sex. Go to Silicone Valley and start a website. Alternatively if you hate your wife that much, while I would never condone any form of violence against a spouse, there are better ways to get even than videotaping a torture spree. That just assures you're going to spend a very long time doing "bitch duty" in a very unpleasant place. Hasn't this guy seen Strangers on a Train?

On the lighter side, this is the funniest and most heartening NYtimes article I've read in a long time.

Nothing says "I'm not taking bribes" like fighting with your roommate over the granola. And it's nice to see the real humanity of lawmakers, as petty, ridiculous, relatable people. I don't think the Republicans would ever allow themselves to be shown in this kind of light, as a sort of Four Stooges of Washington.

Of course Chuck Schumer, my senator, comes off as just a hilariously terrible roommate.

But there's something glorious about one of the most powerful men in America getting yelled at for not making his bed.
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