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I don't get it

How did Yankee Hotel Foxtrot get rejected by the record label?

I went into it expecting to have mixed feelings but after one listen it was pretty obvious that this is one of the best albums of the last 20 years, if not ever.

The more I listen to it the more convinced I am that it's a masterpiece.

It's one thing for a record executive not to "get" experimental or super-challenging music, but not to recognize a genuine masterpiece? When people complain about the record industry they usually talk about the monopolistic behaviors and bizarre technophobia, but the thing that really surprises me is that these people apparently don't understand what makes good music. It's like Hollywood executives who don't understand what makes a good movie. Why even be in that industry at that point? Is it JUST about women and drugs and money? Because there are ways to get women and drugs and money without fucking up the culture.
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