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This is an absolutely abysmyl book review. It sort of lists random plot points and various types of humor the book may or may not contain without any indication of how well it pulls it off or whether the whole thing works overall.

It did, however, lead directly to my discovering that Christopher Hitchens is not openly gay. I was honestly shocked to learn this, and I think I don't like him nearly as much as I did before learning it.

The idea that Hitchens said stereotypically conservative stuffy British things and then went home and got buggered lent a sort of balance to his prattiness. I always thought of him as an uptight Englishman who discovered he couldn't be a proper gentleman because he likes boys, and thus was cast into a valley of self-doubt and resentment from which he sniped and snickered at everyone else, on either side of the chasm.

Now he's just a bully.

Also I'm embarassed because Hitchens always set off my gaydar far more than someone like, say, Andrew Sullivan. I probably don't even have gaydar. I'm a lot less cosmopolitan than I was 15 minutes ago.
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