Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Jump around?

How many calories does the average child expend, per day, jumping?

This is an example of an article that lists both running and jumping as activities children need to do to burn calories.

I was a pretty active kid (I didn't get fat until my dad died and I got depressed and stopped playing organized sports/going outside) and while I remember a shitload of running, I didn't jump that much. I mean sure, from time to time I'd leap, but mostly it was running and climbing and digging. Also some swimming and building and random activities (including but not limited to canoe surfing, which was a ton of fun and something I'd recommend to any child.)

Anyway, you see "running and jumping" listed together a lot, but I'd guess that jumping represents a fairly tiny percentage of physical activity for most children. Maybe 1 to 2% at most. It doesn't belong anywhere near the staple exercise activity of running. That much is clear.
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