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Children of whoa

Children of Men is a really really good movie.

It's not perfect, and it's not obviously marketable but it's a really good movie.

Without talking about plot, I was amazed by everything from the performances (no clunkers, even in roles that were underwritten or totally thankless) to the sets (Amazing. Astounding.) to the action pieces (truly visceral. Gut-wrenching in a way that James Bond or his cohorts have never achieved.)

It's also a movie that grapples with some of the most important themes out there, not just life and death but the way that life and death are percieved. There's a sequence near the end where the ebb and flow of a battle show humanity in a breathtaking variety of lights.

This is an anti-war movie. A profoundly anti-war movie. It's also cynical, perceptive, and gritty.

If you like the art of film you should see it. It's made less money than it cost, which is one of the reasons films like this don't come around all that often and are worth catching when they do.
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