Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Dinesh D'Souza loves rape

underwhelm, the gayest of my gay LJ friends, pointed me to this op-ed by Dinesh D'Souza wherein he defends his stupid book.

One of his primary arguments seems to be that America has offended the traditional sensibilities of Islamic groups by pushing "immorality" (Including but not limited to giving contraceptives to women so they can, gasp, control their wombs. I don't care who you are, that's just flat out evil.) He goes on to say that while he doesn't sympathize with Osama Bin Laden (Way to take a brave stand Dinesh) he does sympathize with Islamic traditionalists.

Well, fuck him.

I don't give a fuck if we offend some goatherder by telling him that he can't sell his daughter off to an old man. I couldn't care less about the Pakistani tribal leaders who feel imposed upon because America is taking away their right to use rape-of-a-female-relative as a judicial punishment. I have zero respect for Islam, just as I have zero respect for Christianity and zero respect for Judaism. They're all just stupid superstitions in my book. If you want to practice them, go ahead. I don't care if you don't eat pork, or drink alcohol. I've been to seders and sabbath dinners and had fun at both. If you want to wear a yarmulke or pray five times to Mecca that's your choice. Doesn't bother me.

But once you start telling other people what they can or cannot do, well, then you've crossed an important line. And once you start treating women like chattel and burning your daughters alive for "insults on the family honor" your feelings stop mattering to me. I think it's a very good thing that U.S. organizations push for women's rights, freedom of speech, and other important liberties. I don't care one bit about the goatherder who is worried his daughter might get an education. He's a piece of shit.

In fact I'd argue that America doesn't do nearly enough to promote freedom in the world. We compromise too much when it meets our political interests. We're willing to deal with tyrants (like the house of Saud) if we think it's to our benefit. I think that's shameful.

Personally if I thought the war in Iraq were about freedom I would probably be reluctant to oppose it (Ultimately I don't think we have the right to invade other countries to impose our morality on them. We should advocate for freedom through peaceful means.) But it's not. D'Souza is an idiot.

An idiot who respects rape. Because what he's saying is that the U.S. should stop practicing and pursuing freedom of thought and action. He argues that American conservatives who want to attack Islam should censor themselves so as not to offend the sensibilities of people who won't prosecute a rape unless there are four male witnesses. He believes that we should respect the traditions of people who set their daughters on fire for the crime of falling in love. He is saying that we need to be more sensitive towards those who cry "Kill those who insult the prophet."

If 9/11 really were about our right to sexual immorality and our pushing freedom on the rest of the world then it wouldn't make me sad. It would make me proud. Because those twin towers and those 3,000 lives are a price worth paying so that the hundreds of millions of women and minorities who are in bondage might have a chance at being free. An America that is willing to sacrifice to push the glorious idea of liberty into the dark places of the world where it hasn't yet taken root? That would be a great America indeed. It's not the real America, but it would be truly wonderful.

And Dinesh D'Souza would still be on the side of the rapists.
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