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Look Who'se telling who what to do. Kiss my ass.

I've been reading sociology texts to try to catch up before Monday's mid-term and I must say some of the stuff is pretty depressing. One of the articles talks about how personality and appearance are much more important in the modern economy than intelligence or talent. Now of course this strikes pretty close to home because I am much smarter and more talented than I am attractive or sociable (not to imply that I'm all that smart or talented. You fill in the blanks big guy.) But it also seems pathetic to me that work relies so much on socializing and pleasent environments that intellegence and talent are pushed to the rear. I don't know, I always thought that Intellect, Morality, and Ability were the holy trinity of traits about people that were desireable or important. But they're not. It's really physical appearance and conformity and all the rest of that stuff. Being a slut is more attractive than being "pure" black is white, freedom is slavery AHHH.

This is triple plus Ungood. I'm not even gonna finish this thought, just gonna head to bed. Sociology tends to confirm all sorts of stuff that I hate as true and even as good and useful. That's one of the reasons I don't want to be a sociologist. I like sleeping though.
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