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Wake up late and honey put on your clothes and take your wedding car to the liquor store.

People who find life easy and DO they do it? I mean ambition alone takes a significant amount of time, then you add in exploration of interests and community service and this and that and just time to ruminate and think and already your schedule's pretty full. I'll admit that I'm not exactly an ace at time management, hell I'm not even a three, but still it seems like the only way to enjoy life is not to worry about it. To take your leisure time as just leisure time without thinking about all the work and uncertainty and anthrax and misery and loneliness that is out there in the world and without wondering what your share is.

My friend is coming over tonight after I do poorly on my social psychology exam, and we're going to make an attempt to work on getting him into college. He wants more than anything to erase his mistake and go on to live his ambitious dreams. He wants to be a doctor, have a family, be comfortable and do some good in the world.

God I wish I could dream like that. I have a good imagination but I can't imagine good (little pun there.)

I don't know why I'm writing this, it just confounds me how people can feel free. Even in New York, even with all this going on, people seem to be alright. At least the people of my generation, some of the adults are freaking out a little.

On another note the Giants lost ANOTHER squeaker last night. Those really take some of the wind out of my sails. It feels like they just dropped the 14 to 15 game to the RAms and then they drop one like 9 to 10 to the Eagles. Being a fan of a sports team can be pretty draining at times if you have a tendancy to emotionally invest in your team's success. Just thought I'd mention that.
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