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Every college degree is a degree in paper folding

Why do I always end up doing mass mailings and cold calls. Is there something ABOUT me that says "This dude is the MASTER of mass mailings and cold calls?"

I wrote the copy for one of our releases.
I FIXED a damn webpage that our web-developer couldn't get working, EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM AT HAND. That's right, I RESEARCHED how to make it work in like 30 minutes, after the rest of the office had been puzzling over it for much of the morning.

What was my reward? I got to stuff 1,000 pamphlets into the mail slots at the Chinatown post office.

Now I don't mind doing that kind of crappy work, I understand how the game is played and that part of it involves being yelled at by large black women for having too much mail, but why is it ALWAYS the same stuff with me? Why can't I get other crappy office tasks, like photocopying or cleaning or file system management?

Oh well. Despite the fact that I was there for 12 hours yesterday wasn't bad, and I do like the people I'm working with. I guess it's just my fate to be the guy who gets handed a ream of address labels and two boxes of envelopes and told "Go for it, boyo.!" There are worse fates.
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