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I am really disappointed by David Kuo's book "Tempting Faith." Supposed to be a memoir of religion, politics, and disillusionment, I don't know if I'll even get that far. The problem is that Mr. Kuo doesn't appear to be particularly smart. Not only does he fall for the most ridiculous argument anti-abortionists muster (You might be aborting the next Einstein! Well guess what, if two people don't have sex then they might be failing to conceive the next Einstein. Either way he's never born. If you follow this line of reasoning then every time a woman has a period she's flushing away potential genius with her tampons. Quick, someone get mazzie some sperm, STAT. We've got to save the next Shakespeare.) but he actually says that Jews consider Jesus to be a prophet.

What Jews? The Jews for Jesus? Jews consider Jesus to be a heretic, which he was, and just the most popular of a bunch of messianic cult leaders who lived at the same approximate time.

Oh, and when his friend dies after confessing his love of Christ, Kuo fails to comment on the weirdness of a God who would see one of his children come to spiritual enlightenment and then immediately say "Alright, you're dead." Maybe this book is not the place for that, but if Kuo is going to slip in little comments like "I failed to recognize that he had gone to a better place" (According to Christian theology you get eternity in heaven. So getting there a few years early makes literally no difference. You only get one life on Earth. So by cutting that one short you miss out on all the awesome Earth stuff, like sex and rock and roll, that they don't have in heaven. Maybe that doesn't matter to Jesus, but I bet it would to Kuo's friend. You know, if he weren't dead, and thus consigned to oblivion.)

The constant barrage of bad logic and uninteresting prose makes it a difficult book to get through. The religiosity makes my skin crawl. I really wanted to read this book so I can understand the mindset of someone who appears to be a good person but got sucked in to an evil conspiracy. Now it turns out the deciding factor may not have been seduction at all, but rather that he just wasn't that smart.
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