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15 captured sailors and nothing to show for it

The European Union is a joke.

Faced with a clear case of military aggression against one of its member states it stands back and issues feckless statements of vague support while doing nothing and threatening nothing. It has been established pretty clearly (By GPS and satellite photos) that the British ship was not in Iranian waters. The Iranians have violated the Geneva conventions by parading the soldiers on television and forcing them to make servile admissions of guilt. This is an unambiguous situation. Iran has gone against all international laws and standards in a provocation aimed at a member of the EU.

And the EU does nothing. It can't even make a clear condemnation with threat of sanctions unless there is immediate return of the personnel.

I'm a liberal. I don't think we should be in Iraq. I don't support an aggressive war against Iran. But that doesn't make it okay for the Iranians to attack British sailors who are out there doing important work, trying to keep more weapons from being smuggled in to Iraq, where they will be used in inter-sect warfare and kill innocent Iraqis. It doesn't mean that the EU can sit around with their thumbs up their collective asses while Britain basically goes it alone. They may not support the war, but if they don't support their own member state against foreign aggression then what, exactly, do they support? The Metric system and the Euro?

This is a test-run by Iran to see how much it can get away with. It's like the terrorists who act suspiciously on airplanes while they have no weapons or bombs, in order to see what provokes a reaction and what the security measures are. The EU is showing weakness, which will invite more aggression. The Islamic world is full of people still living in the middle-ages, morally. They believe in strength and power and not much else. Show that you are unwilling to flex your muscles and you become a target.

The EU is painting a bullseye on itself. And its going to incite its internal population of traitors (Not all muslims, but a good number according to most surveys) to more action against the European way of life.

As a liberal I love all the nice, foppish, trappings of 21st century civilization. We solve our disputes with words and reason. We care about individual human lives and minority groups. We allow for diverse opinions, even when they endanger us. But if we want to be a bunch of dandies in a world full of brutal unsophisticated men, well, we have to be willing to show that we're willing to defend our way of life with no reservations and no fear of conflict. This is why I supported the war to unseat the Taliban, because they attacked us and they had to learn that there are consequences for that behavior. It's why we should still be in Afghanistan, rooting them out and killing them, instead of mucking about in Iraq.

The EU has now shown itself willing to defend itself. And there will be consequences for that. These kidnapped soldiers are just the beginning. The lesson of Neville Chamberlain is clear. Show accommodation in the face of aggression and you invite more aggression.

The bureaucracy in Brussels is unelected and ineffective. It's talking about trying to grab more power by passing the proposed, and stupidly long, constitution despite its being rejected at the polls. If it does so then it will mean Europe's eventual demise. That may be pre-ordained already.
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