Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Dennis Kucinich, the cutest candidate

Dennis Kucinich claims to be the Little Engine that Could of presidential candidates. He refuses corporate sponsorship, takes brave and unpopular positions, and really thinks that he can win. He's short and peppy and you just want to squeeze his little Kucinich cheeks and give him a lollipop.

He is also, of course, quite delusional.

And it's not just about his bizarre belief that he has a chance at the presidency, despite looking like a gnome, having no money, and holding positions that 80% of Americans explicitly oppose. His politics are the politics of delusion. For example, he not only opposes the war in Iraq but war in general. He says that as president he will denounce war and take it off the table as an option. That is, of course, insane. It's one thing to say war is a measure of last resort, it's quite another to say it's something you will undertake under no circumstances. The fact is that any country that wants to maintain its sovereignty needs to be willing to go to war to protect it. And the United States has a lot of allies relying upon us for their defense. We shouldn't have been in Iraq, sure, but does that mean we should allow China to take Taiwan? Or the Arab states to conquer Israel?

Kucinich recently married a young British woman, and while she's pretty and articulate what comes through most in the speeches I've seen by her is the kind of pie-in-the-sky kumbayah optimism that I thought went out with bell-bottoms. This is a hard, nasty, world. Pretending its not isn't going to make that less true. You need to be willing to fight if you want to survive. The trick is to fight only when necessary, and with an eye towards achieving goals rather than just sowing death and chaos. Kucinich is just as much a child as Bush is. This country is in desperate need of adult leaders.
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