Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

God hates lame Brits

So the "America's Most Hated Family" video has been circulating around LJ, and while everyone seems to enjoy watching the Phelpses act like lunatics, nobody is talking about what was, to me, one of the most salient aspects of the video. The fact that the reporter in it is a milquetoast douche.

Not only is he incredibly whiney, but he does that Michael Moore style faux-innocence schtick, and incredibly badly. When he's ejected from Phelps' studio for asking stupid questions he whines "You can't say I wasn't sincere. I sincerely wanted to know what he'd say." First of all, BE A MAN, secondly, YOU WERE NOT SINCERE. You wanted to manipulate Phelps into saying that he only had 9 children to show what a hardass bastard he is. You weren't asking a question, you were gunning for a shot. And he did this again in the church. Phelps was right, his questions WERE stupid and repetitive. He asked things that other members of the church could have easily answered. He wasn't interested in what Phelps had to say except insofar as it would be shocking.

He actually made me side with Fred Phelps. That milquetoast douchebag.

The Phelpses are evil and insane people. That's pretty clear. The video spoke to some of that and did a passable job. But that reporter was awful. He DOES resemble a cut-rate Michael Moore, one who can't afford to eat, and he's manipulative, dishonest, and only interested in getting his shot. Sending a douchebag to do a report on a bunch of assholes is just silly. All you end up with is something very very smelly.
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