Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Mother Theresa was a BITCH

It seems like every few months I'm reading a decent book or article, enjoying myself and whatnot, and then I'll get to a sentence where the author throws out Mother Theresa as an example of a heroic, wonderful, person and I am thrown into a white-hot rage. Mother Theresa was NOT a good person. She was rotten.

Back in the 80's the myth about Mother Theresa was that she hung out in the most putrid slums of Calcutta administering care to the poor. This was understandably seen as a wonderful and charitable act and her name soon became synonymous with self-sacrifice and selfless giving.

Sometime in the 90's the truth became widely known. Mother Theresa didn't provide good medical care for anyone. She didn't even ease anyone's suffering. She didn't BELIEVE in easing suffering. Instead she provided a place where poor people could die, in agony, from curable diseases. Why? Because she believed that suffering brought them closer to God. She spent her days converting people to her particular brand of Sky-God worship, and then watching them die excruciating deaths. Perhaps afterwards she would go to her quarters and masturbate furiously to the memory of their final screams and death rattle. Maybe she just enjoyed them theologically.

And if the pain fetish wasn't enough, Theresa also consorted with a variety of unsavory characters, trading her good name for cold hard cash. She wrote a letter to the judge requesting a reduced sentence for Charles Keating, after accepting money he'd embezzled.

Mother Theresa cared about Catholic doctrine, her own fame, and enjoying the suffering of the poor and sick. That's all. She wasn't a hero, she wasn't even a good person. It's time we, as a society, stopped using her name as shorthand for "Selfless giver." It doesn't fit.
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