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The Southern Girls With the Way They Talk

There's this woman from Louisiana in my film class, and she drips with Southern charm. In addition to the accent and the impeccable grooming, she does the full Southern chick gambit. Today she plucked at my gloves when asking why I was wearing them, and grabbed my arm while laughing at a joke. Now I'm not stupid, I know she's not interested in me, she's just going through the cultural motions from where she was raised. This girl could wrap me around her little finger if she wanted to. I'm actually scared of her, because she's more charming than I am defended against social manipulation. And this is with me being FULLY CONSCIOUS of what she's doing. I know that the touch is just a cultural artifact, like waitresses calling you honey or sugar.

I guess I'm used to hardened sadistic New York women, with their biting cynicism and complete lack of girlishness. Their hardnosed attitudes can be appealing, but their standoffishness means that they are rarely casually flirtatious or overly friendly. They would argue that this is because they are authentic and not patriarchally oppressed or made to be 'feminine' or blah blah blah. I'm frankly tired of being told that I'm a terrible person because I don't wish every woman was a cross between Susan B Anthony and Andrea Dworkin.

Southern women aren't quite so confrontational or explicitly political, at least in my limited experience. They also seem more comfortable in their femininity, though that could be an illusion brought about by their pseudo-artificial friendliness (Pseudo-artificial because while I don't think they're being consciously manipulative, they are playing a socially constructed part.) It's very appealing, even if one is aware of the problematic aspects of women being socialized to behave in this way.

Now women who combine Southern-style feminine charm with cold-hearted New York-style calculation and toughness? Fucking invincible. If one of them wants to rule the world I sure as hell won't be able to stop her.
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