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You're hanging on the memories you need most

This weekend has not been kind. My mother's fine, we did a whole bonding thing that will be forgotten in a day or two but I got no work done friday. Then on saturday I relaxed a little from friday's ordeal and got sick in the evening. Today I was sick all day (trust me trust me trust me you DON'T want details) and I went to the stupid review session where I learned nothing and shouldn't have showed at but the TA told me to go to both last time I talked to her (I went to the friday one too which was equally useless.)

Now I have a ton of studying and work to do and very little time to do it and even LESS motivation. Life can be a real knee to the testicles at times. This whole weekend has been a bit of a blur and I just hope that I can make it through this next work heavy week without cracking at all so I can finally catch my breath over the election day break. My GPA for the semester is in serious peril and I HAVE to keep that up. I just have to. Anyway I'd LOVE to write about my thoughts and feelings but time is fleeting and I should study so at least if I do poorly on the test I won't feel like it was my fault (I can blame it on mom's heart condition and the stomach flu I had. They WILL be to blame too , at least partly. But it's also lack of motivation. I've got no motivation where is my motivation no time for motivation smoking my inspiration. That's a Green Day lyric. Green Day was an okay band. Where did my youth go?)
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