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The Internets have failed me

Both Circuit City and Bestbuy have pimped out their "Order online, pickup in store" services on television, web, and radio commercials. In theory it's an awesome idea. Shop on the web, with numerous research and price comparison options available, and then pickup in a store, thus avoiding the hassle of shipping (Costs, delays, etc...)

In reality the service fucking sucks. I've tried to buy things via the order online pickup in store service about 5-6 times now, and I've never succeeded. Why? Because the best value items online are NEVER in stock in the stores. It's like some sort of bizarre conspiracy. Whether I'm looking for a camera, a monitor, or, now, a printer, any good product that Bestbuy or Circuit City has a decent price on will be a web only special or out of stock in all my local stores. I live in New York City, so I have a LOT of local stores.

The internet revolution is/was supposed to streamline distribution and make retail shopping more convenient. It's done this via mail-order products, through stores like Amazon and But when it comes to integrating the best aspects of the Internet and B&M shopping, well, it hasn't happened yet. Best Buy is happy to sell me a top-rated printer if I'm willing to have it shipped to me, or a piece of absolute shit if I want to go pick it up, but the twain just aren't meeting.
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