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This editorial pisses me off to no end. Its basic claim is that Monica Goodling deserved her position because the evangelical schools are now churning out a lot of people who go into government work. Except that everyone who pointed out that Goodling was grossly underqualified admitted that a lot of Regent students got hired by the White House. THEIR point was that this is total bullshit. The story also makes gross factual errors, like claiming that Goodling's peers grew up with Bush as their president. She was 27, maybe 26, when he came into office.

Goodling is a worm and a lawbreaker who turned on little girl charm in front of the cameras to escape getting in trouble. She's just the sort of two-faced person I would expect to go from Regent to the White House. She's opportunistic, dishonest, and not that bright. The fact that she isn't being nailed to the wall is a travesty, because it shows how far blonde hair and a girly performance can go in this day and age of television politics.

She admitted to being venal and sexist and she's getting a pass because she has a vagina and is presentable.
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