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You Bitch You Must Be Getting None

Today was one of THOSE days. Yeah, the ones that you are happy to be done with and depressed that you have to remember for the rest of your life. I walked into a Spanish mid term not realizing it was that day and having not studied at ALL over the weekend. Umm whoops! I think I did OKAY but definitly not as well as if I had actually bothered to crack a fucking book. Pop midterms are not a good thing. Definitly not a good thing.

Next I went home and studied my butt off for my Cognition mid-term which I SHOULD have studied for over the weekend but you know me. I was supposed to work out but I only did it half heartedly and most of my attention was on Schacter (Psych book) anyway. The test itself was pretty hard but I think I did better than I did last time. I fucked up a few definitions but I think I did alright on the rest of it. Of course depending on whether a few of my answers were right or wrong the grade could swing wildly. That's the problem with a 40 point test, you have SO little room for error and everything counts for so much. I have come to the conclusion that I really like Cognition Memory And Stress and I REALLY hate the tests for that class. They are so specific and seem to have very little to do with what we actually went over in class. Most of this unit was on a few experiements and findings that DIDN'T fucking show up in the test. And the freaking review sessions were WORTHLESS. They went over stuff that almost without exception never appeared on the test. Nobody can figure out what to study based on what she teaches. We just have to know everything in detail. It's fucking irritating. Oh well, I think I passed and I can afford one reasonably bad grade in my college career. But if these tests weren't SO fucking lame the course would be great.

My sociology class wasn't any better. I went in without having done ANY of the reading for that day because of my mother's illness and my queasyness and all that other shit. The professor walked in headlights ablazing. I mean it was chilly in the room and you could tell just by looking at her. Anyway I had talked earlier with someone about the time in camp when I found out that women had nipples (I also saw my first and so far only bare female nipple in person in camp, they're fucking hotbeds of human sexuality. Save the children, ban summer!) so they were sort of primed and I might have looked a little too long at the stars. Anyway she had a chilly demeanor towards me for the rest of the class and I noticed later (becuase I really wasn't interested in staring at her chest all class) that she had buttoned her sweater in front. Oh well, if you go in with flags a-waving someone's gonna look. I feel bad for making her feel uncomfortable but it wasn't a concious objectification thing. I also made some dumb comments due to my not doing the reading which I feel bad about but what's done is done. I did get my mid-term back and ended up with a 97 which SO wasn't deserved but with my grades low this semester I'll take it. I can't believe I got a 97 when I fucked up one of the four questions. Wonder how the rest of the class did to bring the curve that high.

I don't even really remember teaching the GED course. I was exhausted and the students knew it. I think I did semi-alright but I was NOT focused and it showed hopefully with a week off I will be able to rebound and do a good job the second monday in novemeber. Of course the class is starting to get near the midway point so it's almost irrelevant what I do now. I fucked up teaching this class but not TERRIBLY. I tried decently hard and the class refused to respond to my more student proactive teaching methods. Oh well. I'm tired.

Gonna go watch football and kick myself in the head for the nipplegazing. I can't afford to turn that professor against me with the way my grades are shaping up this semester. Yet another reason to prefer social contact with men. Male nipples aren't thermometers.
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