Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

98% income tax, anyone?

I'm no raging conservative, but Jesus Christ can Hillary Clinton announce ANY policy initiative that doesn't involve spending tens of billions of dollars during a time of huge deficits? She's going to pay for her Government IRA program by freezing the Estate Tax? That's fine, but what about using some of that money to pay down the crushing debt?

I'm getting worried that the Democrats are starting to feel overconfident and like since the Republicans have been spending like crazy and are now unpopular, it's their turn to dip into the kitty.

Kitty's empty, folks. Whoever takes over after President Chimpington is going to have to get the budget under control, in addition to dealing with a billion other issues that will face 2008-12 America.

Healthcare's important, savings are important, etc..etc..., But Hill, DAHLING, can we get some solid spending-control plans from you?
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