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This story guaranteed to make iconoclast more Canada Friendly

My mother is dating a man who is both a Vietnam vet and an ex-hippie. Today the two of them tried to cross into Canada to attend a conference and visit some friends. They were turned away at the border.

It all started when Bill left his passport at home in New York. They're crossing from Washington state. The Canadian border patrol did a check to make sure he was a U.S. citizen, and wouldn't you know it, something showed up on the record.

It seems that Bill (that's the guy) has an arrest on his record in Arizona from 1970...and in typical hippie fashion he can't quite remember what it's for. Probably pot or a protest arrest or DUI or something. Anyway the Canadians wouldn't accept "Probably pot or a protest arrest or DUI or something" as an explanation, and they were turned away.

Apparently if you were arrested in Arizona 37 years ago you're not welcome in Canada. The funny thing is that it's probably for pot, and with Canada's recent liberalization of pot laws it's something he WOULDN'T be arrested for if he did it in Canada today. But with the loonie up to 1 for 1, the Canadians are feeling their oats, and they're looking for any excuse to screw with Americans, including pretending that an aging hippie who was arrested in 1970 is a threat to their ice cold national security.

Well listen up CANADA! The United States will rise again and when we do we will remember how you treated our hippies when you had the power. We will remember and we will exact a TERRIBLE revenge. Enjoy having your book prices jacked up even HIGHER Canada. You've earned it.

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