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Nobody's real

It's been a relaxing week I must admit. Had monday and tuesday off and no spanish at all this week. Ahhh.

I sort of patched things up with Jeff and I guess that's good. I don't think that I did it just because I am incapable of severing with him, but because I still think he can be helpful to me. At least now he knows there's a problem and that if things don't improve they will change.

I had a teacher training session today which flat out SUCKED. First of all the program coordinators tried to elicite ideas for teaching socratic style rather than just tellin us some stuff that has worked in the past. Most of us are rookies and don't HAVE good ideas. That's why we WENT to the training session.

Some other annoying stuff happened but I don't want to chronicle it here. I'm so fucking awkward though, I mean I can converse fine when people talk to me first but I totally suck at initiating conversation. Before the session got underway everyone was chatting up a storm and I was just sort of sitting there reading my Memory book trying to look slightly less uncomfortable than I actually was. People totally ignored me to the point of sitting down next to me and acting like I wasn't there. Well, not so much people as women, but in this case that wasn't specifically important. It's not like there weren't other seats around, it irritates me when people sit down right next to me and ignore me. If you're going to ignore me than give me one seat of personal space. I'm just rambling right now.

Hmm I watched Shrek today on DVD and it was pretty good. I found myself kind of wishing that the princess was in another movie becuase she was quite cute and entertaining and I just didn't think she fit properly into the film. Also what happens to her at the end is so incredibly predictable that I guessed it IMMEDIATLY after the nature of her curse was revealed and when they had the whole big lightshow sequence (trying to avoid spoilers for those who haven't seen it) I was kinda shocked that it turned out like I predicted. I mean the light show seemed to be designed to reveal something surprising and it just SO didn't. Got that Monkeys "I'm a believer" song stuck in my head though.

I also saw 24 and it was good but disapointing. Good acting good production values interesting set up but no character development or action or payoff of any kind. The first episode of a show should be special, and it shouldn't feel like a filler episode from the middle of a season. Oh well, I'll stick around and watch the next episode because I like Kiefer and it looks to get more actiony.

Not sure why I haven't posted recently, I think it's because I've just been on sleepy autopilot and haven't done much of anything productive. Have to do some cleaning and homework this weekend though. Simply HAVE to.

Oh and if you've noticed a lack of Dr. X inspired nonsequitors recently it's becuase the good Doctor moved to Aruba to take up residence among the native people and learn their secret to the perfect tan, which he will then use to bribe pale pasty politicians and eventually take over the world. I'd stop him but I just don't care. Plus if Dr.X takes over the world I think I get free dental insurance. Just a hunch.

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