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Awkwardness of me

So my grandmotherly friend Dolores invited me to Thanksgiving at the house of a lesbian couple she knows a couple days ago and I refused. So as a compromise I agreed to go to breakfast at her house today. So I call to confirm before I go over, and she mentions that her cousin will be joining us. This shouldn't really be a problem except I was all ready for a nice quiet breakfast with someone who I know well and all of a sudden a stranger had been injected into the proceedings. A young (24) female stranger. The results were an alright but fairly tense and awkward morning. Basically what ended up happening was Dolores talked to one or the other of us while the other stood or sat in silence.
The real proof of my awkwardness though was when Dolores went out of the room. Her cousin asked me a few polite questions and I answered them, but I COULD NOT think of what to say to her at ALL. I asked her what college she went to and that was it. Fairly pitiful. Anyway the experience reinforced to me that I should NOT under any circumstances socialize with anyone of the opposite sex who is not either a relative or at least 40 years older than I am.
The only question I have and the reason that I decided to write this, is why in blazes did Dolores decide to stick the two of us together. We had nothing to talk about and her cousin is, besides being female, not my type of person. I hope that this was just a scheduling thing and not some sort of misguided attempt to introduce me to other people for some reason or other. That would ruin a perfectly good friendship with expectations for me to perform as the sweet and funny guy I can be at times in front of strangers. I vastly prefer to be withdrawn and serious to strangers. The thanksgiving thing and this impromptu 3 person breakfast have all the makings of an attempt to introduce me to polite society.

I hope not though.

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