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Change of plans

Well, Dolores called me again at noon today and, my resolve weakened by loneliness and the realization that I only have the bad frozen dinners in the fridge, I caved in and agreed to go to the Thanksgiving dinner at her friends' home. I'll bring a book and apparently there is a subway station nearby so if I absolutely positivly HAVE to get out of there I can. It'll be interesting..maybe. I dunno, it just seemed like a better idea than sitting around playing Amped even if it does have over 150 tracks of indy music.

There's something ironic about Microsoft publishing a video game with over 150 tracks of INDEPENDANT music but I don't have time to ponder that. It's time to start freaking out about having to be sociable and charming to a houseful of strangers for over 4 hours. I'm sure I'll come back with some bitter anecdote about why I should never, EVER, be allowed near people after the dinner's done, but you'll have to wait for it.
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