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Back off, Back off Bitch. Face of an angel but the heart of a witch

First off it irritates me that Sheryl Crow did a cover of Sweet Child O Mine. That song was a staple of mine after my father died and it is special for many reasons, not the least of which is the place it occupies on Appetite for destruction. It comes after the raw washed out bitterness of "I think about you" and right before the accusatory throb of "You're crazy" which winds the album up for its spectacular ending with the discordent anything goes and the CLASSIC Rocket Queen. Sweet Child of Mine is a crack in the facade, a little whisper of "No matter how shallow and mean and fast line someone is they still are human, they still have feelings, and all things considered they still like to be soft and weepy sometimes." I found that meaningful at a time when I couldn't muster toughness and even now it's a reminder that one shouldn't fight the rest of the world TOO hard because keeping everything out isn't healthy or even possible.

Sheryl Crow isn't music to get smashed in the teeth by. It isn't sweaty cocaine fueled misderected rage. It's feminist pop. Taking that icon of gentleness in the cruel and turning it into the cap of a crappy oprah album is just wrong. That doesn't even get into how much I despise her as a singer or person. I mean to be honest I hate the majority of attractive female musicians.

It's not really them so much as the men who are willing to listen to or claim to like TRULY crappy music just because it is being performed by attractive women. I mean there are female musicians whose work I enjoy, but I refuse to watch their videos.

Anyway all of this should come as no surprise considering how much I rant about how much I hate guys who suck up to girls just for a shot at touching boobs. But it was on my brilliant mind so I figured why not share the mental wealth?

Another piece of wonderful pop culture I ran into today was Get Carter. Yes the one and the same film that stars the brilliant acting talents of Sylvester "Sly" Stalone and Rachel Leigh "I'm just another slab of teen meat" Cook. I watched almost all of the movie and I have to admit it was kind of entertaining. The great thing about a movie like that is that you don't need to give it any mental energy at all. You can just let things like plot and character development slip away from your mind because there aren't any and just watch a bunch of manly men pretend to get beaten up for insane sums of money. These days I take my testasterone where I can get it. After hearing some twinky nerd say that Tomb Raider was better than Die Hard because of Angelina Jolie's breasts I frankly felt like I could sit through the most putrid tough-guy film just out of spite. But I did enjoy parts of Get Carter. Especially the hyper violent ending where he goes around killing people and everyone's too scared to stop him. Oh did I spoil the film for you? So fucking sorry.

Now I know what you're thinking. If you're a guy you're thinking either "How can I emasculate myself and throw away any shreds of dignity I have left in order to ingratiate myself to a pretty girl" or "Where can I find another bitch to fuck and smack around at this time of night, oh I know, a bar" depending on which side of the asshole wuss divide you fall. If you're one of the hated female gender you hopefully stopped reading a long time ago. Round-about when I said Sheryl Crow had no talent. Right now you are wondering whether Bill has spent enough cash on you to be allowed to see your breasts. But I'm talking about in the alternative world where everyones thoughts revolve around ME. I know what you're thinking there.

Ben, you are thinking, what about your schoolwork? Well I can't really answer that. I've let it slip at a time when I couldn't afford to and now I've got to get things back under control. Only I am still somewhat sick and very worn out so I CAN'T. Not sure what I'm going to do. Just read what I can and pray for rain I guess.

Anyway I am feeling alright because of the website I am working on now, that's occupying some of my time and making me feel useful. But I am also feeling sleepy and incoherent so goodnight.

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