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Self degredation

Well the Sapolsky book was so good I'm almost sad that I managed to finish most of it before the test. I'm not sure how I did on said test though, I think I was alright although there were a few answers that might have been a bit sketchy. I definitly passed but that's never what's important to me. Did I EXCEL?

I was looking at some random journals today and I found one where some girl was happy to get into a mid level SUNY with a 45% acceptance rate. 45%! Columbia has like a 13% acceptance rate and that's even after you exclude all the people who don't apply because they KNOW they can't get in. But that doesn't really excite me. Being in the top 15% of college students, or even the top 15% of successful college students means nothing to me. I want so much more than that. Being in the top 10% doesn't make you SPECIAL it just makes you above average. I need to be SPECIAL.

And I'm not yet. My grades aren't mind blowing they are just good, and I have yet to discover anything spectacular.

Anyway I'm not sure why I'm posting. I just feel like this is the calm before the final academic storm and I might as well say SOMETHING. But I ended up saying nothing at all. Oh well.
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