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Like a bank teller politely telling me, have a nice life

Everyone everywhere seems to be up in arms about finals and I just can't gather that kind of energy for school right now. It's like I'm in an alternate universe watching everyone else scramble around like academics mean something and I just can't get myself to care. I'd rather sniff the flowers or go for a walk or do almost anything than work my butt off studying. Hell I'd rather do serious work researching WHY I'm so detached than serious work for my classes. I guess I'll get it all done, I'm making some progress on the paper which is the only thing I HAVE to do to pass (I can pass all the tests without studying.) and I'll probably cram some stuff right before each test just to refresh my already decent memory of the material, but I feel kinda sad that I'm not capable of getting IN to the college experience enough to freak out over finals.

Anyway life goes on and I'll be alright. I guess I'm just sorta wondering when I'm going to run into something that really engages me, draws me in, and says Benny-boy, this is for you. Some guys like chasing tail, some get involved in their work or studies, some find solace in family, some in drugs, some in music or art. I got Nothing. NOTHING. I don't want to be an aimless wanderer I feel like I have something to offer so why is the world just one big blah?

Ah who knows. Kiss my ass.

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