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I gotta be anywhere else but here. There's a winner every day

Recipe for pain: Spend three hours during your second final churning out 30 pages of text by hand. Then at the end decide to redo the extra credit at the last possible minute. My hand feels like it was eaten by a shark and I'm developing a nice little blister. Only scratch the nice and little.

I took my Spanish final this morning and I bombed it like Tora Bora. So after that little excursion which shouldn't be TOO costly because it's only like 10 percent of the final grade, I decided to study for my Sociology midterm. I managed to cram in several required articles during family feud (What? You were expecting a good little boy? I'm a leopard baby, I don't grow stripes) and they actually showed up on the test so I feel I did well on that. But it MANGLED my hand. I mean I was in complete pain by the end, worse than when I knocked my tooth out. Whoever came up with the idea of finals deserves to be summarily executed and have his remains burned in effigy.

So I'm hoping that this motivation will carry over to my last two classes and enable me to finish my paper and do some cramming so I can get decent grades this semester. Not sure though, my hand hurts and I'm tired and my brain is somewhat fried. Oh well, guess time will tell. At least I'm 3 finals down and only 2 and a paper to go. Back to the brain mines I guess. It's just too bad that my ego has been punctured b not being considered the brightest person around by several people recently, otherwise I might be able to summon some ego defense to get my work done. Oh well, I still have perfectionism and fear of failure and low self esteem. You takes what you can gets I guess.
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