Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Life can suck

My mother is officially a huge bitch. She arranges for the delivery of a bed the same day that I have a very important (60% of my grade in social psych) test and promises it'll be here by 1 o'clock. No prob I think, I usually study best under pressure and I can get things finished by 1 and be back on schedule for my 7 o'clock test. Well the bed fucking shows up at 6 and I spend an hour signing forms and watching the clock while the Jewish delivery man scolds me for not being observant.

Some days it doesn't pay to breathe.

I KNOW that I missed several answers on that test purely because I didn't have time to review the last two chapters in the book and I had a headache and was late for the test anyway which didn't help. Life sucks

At least it might teach me to study better. *snicker.* Anyway I still have one more test for the semester and taht damned paper which has been on my mind for months so I need to cut this short and get back to the performance focus mill. Life is FAR from good.
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