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I got my stupid thing done. Hee-Ann didn't want to go to the movies after all so I just sat around at home trying to entertain myself. Life slips by and it's starting to speed up again. I feel myself slipping by too. I don't really have a lot to say but I want to write. I'm very very tired right now. I'll probably regret typing this in the morning. One of my friends who I respect logged on and was pretty cruel towards me. He made a bunch of bizzare comments and all but called me stupid. I dunno, I think it's because he's pretty lost in his life right now but it still hurt. The reason so many Livejournals are full of angst and sadness is that happy people don't need to write down what they are doing, they are too busy doing it and enjoying it. Or something. Life hurts, but not right now. Too tired to hurt.
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