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Made it through the first part of the birthday/Christmas double threat

Well it's the second day of my third decade (Yes I am aging myself from birth and not conception you goddamned freakishly anal anti-abortionist) and I'm hoping that it's better than the first. Actually it would be nice if it were superior to years 12-19 altogether. For those of you who care about New York football and rely on me for all your information about it (Hee, I'm a funnyboy) the eagles lost yesterday leaving the Giants slightly alive. Basically if the giants win this week and next and then the Eagles lose next week the Eagles and the Giants will play for a playoff spot. The pats wrecked the fins which is technically good for the Jets because it means they have a legit shot at winning their division, but bad because it puts more of the responsibility for making the playoffs in their hands. New England now has two more wins than the Jets and Miami has one more even though they all have the same number of losses. Let me amend that, because of september 11th the Giants have to beat the Eagles NEXT week and then if TAmpa bay beats them in the new week 17 the Giants can win the division. That assumes that Giants win out of course.

My mother ended up buying me shoes two sizes too small and giving cash for my birthday. I threw the cash back at her and I might wear the shoes because she was planning on getting them for me anyway (My current shoes are shreded and full of holes but I'm not shelling out the cash to replace them because they're comfortable and I don't care) but she also got me a damned "Evil Ben" doll which was just insulting. I really can't stand the woman.

Not much else went on I fell asleep several times while watching football. Jeff called to wish me a happy birthday and LIE about some kind of gift certificate he supposedly got me. I don't CARE that I didn't get any presents but don't lie about it man. That's just foul. So now I have one day to enjoy my break before Christmas eve ruins all the television and reminds me of how alone I am again. Whee doogie. At least my mother is going to some friends house for Christmas dinner so I'll be alone on Christmas which is a good thing.

I'm still stressed about grades but now I'm on to the pretending to plan stuff to avoid having it happen to me again phase. I am going to try to do the whole new years resolution thing this year but the thing is that with no real motive I very rarely succeed in it. Part of the issue is that if you get an A in a class without doing much work it is motivation to not work on other classes because there is a good chance that your work will be squandered. Ugh I don't want to hold this argument again cause Jeff will just whine "You should be working for your SELF! When I was a young lad and playing basketball I knew that I was only 5'7" and I knew I could never play in the NBA but I played for the love of playing. And I succeeded! They said that the white boy could play. THEY SAID THAT THE WHITE BOY COULD PLAY."

The sad thing is that I'm not even kidding about that. Jeff's the only shrink in town who isn't talking about Jung when he says that he bases his theories on Dr. J.
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