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Yuletide cheer comes straight from a bottle, the rest of this season is shit.

Christmas morning, no snow outside its all internal today. No presents which is fine, although it's irritating to have everything closed and nothing to do. But that's neither here nor there. Gave my mom her juicelady yesterday offering the explanation that she drinks a lot of juice and I thought she might want to make cranberry and grapefruit juice fresh herself. She responded by trying to make it about me offering it as a diety supplement and an excuse for her forcing me to eat dinner incredibly late most nights. Then she said it was good it was a juice lady and not a juice man as indicated by the audio tape that came with it by remarking that she wanted nothing more to do with men.

Christmas with my mommy, what a wonderful thing.

There's only college football on today and I don't really like watching college football. It's partly because there are so few spectacular plays compared to in the pros (Wayne Chrebet is a great guy to watch if you're into tip-toe or flip over onto the head catches) and partly because college football drains academia which is like taking food off my families' table (Not only literally, but figuratively too since so far I've pretty much been living in an academic world my whole life)

I dunno, I guess christmas will suck again this year. Oh well, at least it will be familiar.
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