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How he makes his getaway

A basic checklist for the day:

Have housekeeper give you bizzare gift of Adidas Cologne (It's wierd on SO many levels)

Spend an irritating 3 hours outside doing a few chores slowed down IMMENSLY by fucking New York City public transport full of entitled people who whine at you to get out of the way of the door even though there are people streaming out it and you'd have to cut them off, and then yell back door at the driver when the light is lit and they can EASILY just get the fuck out if they weren't such complete bitches. Note that all such offenders are female, primarily with entitled young children who will grow up to be as stupid and entitled as mommy is.

Enjoy a few games of Advance Wars on the Gameboy Advance except for the annoying fact that when you lose it takes about an hour to finally be defeated by the enemy.

Get home and see mother has thrown all your stuff in a heap outside the door of your room without reguard for any sort of delicacy or whatever to try to appease her friends who were responsible in part for one of the most heinous miscarriages of justice EVER, the Truth and Reconciliation commitee (it forgave White South AFricans their numerous and heinous crimes against blacks in exchange for their honest testimony. Nationwide immunity for murderers rapists and the like, who now retain jobs of power. Whooo doggie way to ignore any sort of standard) respond by ignoring said friends when they try to greet you, the blood still fresh on their hands.

Realize that now that you've traded in Calvin and Hobbes for The Lord Of the Rings and the Corrections you actually need to re-read the Lord of the Rings and read the Corrections, totaling about 1500 pages.

Be forced to set up stupid air beds for immoral guests

Be told I need to set up computer in morning for immoral guests AND that the money my mother left for household use was not for household use after all but rather to pay the housekeeper (same one who gave me wierd cologne) who is going to come and clean NOTHING tomorrow as she did all the cleaning today

Busy day,.

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