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4 yards short and a season late

The Jets and the Giants both lost about a wasted day watching football (And any smart remarks that any day spent watching football was wasted will immediatly result in a 10 yard penalty and a boot to the rear end) So the Giants are out of contention and the Jets have a tough game against the Raiders to make the playoffs. That's the worst thing about being a spectator, no matter what you can't effect the outcome.

Not much else. Felt REALLY sick yesterday for some unknown reason although feel alright now. Finished Max Payne which is annoying because now I need other goals for over the break. Thinking about New Years resolutions and such.

Life is slow and stress free except for grades which come out on thursday. I guess I like that. Kinda makes me regret having to go back to school but...that's life right?

I need some passion in my life. How does one go about aquiring that
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